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Created in 2019 by a team of motivated martial arts practitioners who put their experience at your service.


To address your questions, we have set up a competent and dynamic team.

We can advise you in all sports related to combat, whether for percussion sports (Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, K-1, Karate, Full Contact, French Boxing, Shoe Fight, etc.) or gripping sports (Brazilian Jujitsu, Pankration, Free Fight, Judo, etc.).


Fight & Shop offers you a wide selection of products and prices.

You'll find exactly what you're looking for, for women, men or kids (Boxing Gloves, Shin Pads, Tooth Guards, Helmets, Bands, Ankles, Shells, Kimonos, Punching Bags).


Our desire is to respect our quality charter:

- Deliver you in record time, 24 hours of preparation, 72 hours of delivery for 99% of our products in stock in Europe;

- Total satisfaction with the "exchanged or refunded" guarantee;

- Commitment on the exchanges of size with assumption of expenses of re-delivery;

- Mail support available 7/7